Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mafraq Hospital Overview

Mafraq Hospital is a SEHA hospital run by Bumrungrad corporation. This is actually a lie as the administration is a collection of 5 misfits with no actual connection or affiliation to Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand. They have just been collected from a ship of castaways headed for Kangaroo land and hired, dressed up and sent here.
The administration is made of 5 people, 3 of whom are certified lunatics with massive psychological problems, namely:
1. Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)
2. Chief Operating Officer (COO)
3. Chief Quality Information Officer (CQIO)

The CNO is from South Africa. Probably abused by her father as a child , ignored by men in puberty or raped by a Zulu tribal officer. She has reverted to hardcore lesbianism with her wife, also employed by her, to work under her (literally) - Cronyism at its maximum.
On entering Mafraq she was dressed as Princess Amydala from Star Wars, with overflowing suits and a basin haircut. Hew wife wears white shoes. Now only 3 kinds of people wear white shoes- Lesbians, Germans and sportswomen in 18th century. So she probably fits category one. She also double dips housing allowance, as she lives with CNO and collects housing allowance, while other poor nurses cannot do it.

The Mafraq Hospital Downfall began with CNO's arrival and started with the Test. The poor nurses were tricked into believing it’s a routine test, for which they did not have to study. A majority of the nurses failed this biased non written exam, though they all did Pass SEHA's exam for licensure. Paediatric nurses failed because they did exams for adults and so on. 200 nurses were fired cruelly, without having done anything wrong, except served Mafraq loyally for 20 years without any events.
My question is who are these South African ( SA) group to judge us nurses. I can understand US,UK , Australian or Canadian nurses examining us because they have high standards. But SA nurses are unqualified themselves. Their failure rate for NCLEX (US nursing exam) is over 80%. So what qualifications do they have? Has anyone seen a single SA nurse in USA, UK, CANADA or Australia. They only come to Middle East pretending to be western and pull a fast one on the Locals.
Moreover none of the SA has a Bachelors degree in nursing (BSN) or Masters (MSN) or Doctorate (DO). They are plain RN's who promote their own kind. They cut and paste rules and regulations from websites, and are stupid enough to leave the source of their references on the bottom of the page. The ADON for Nursing Education looks like a pigeon face, with flat chest and white shoes and hair that needs to see a hair dye tube for decades. The ADON for ICU is probably the one with lowest IQ. She has no clue of her role, but likes to walk around with a clip board trying to appear smart. During her interview she was deemed unqualified by the recruiter for the job, but was pushed through by the CNO.
Most of the other positions are also filled by SA’s. But let me ask one question. When any VIP is sick do they ever go to South Africa. If SA is so good in Nursing and Medical care, why has no UAE national or VIP ever gone there for treatment. Why is it that once they are sick they dash to the USA or UK? Is it because in their heart of hearts they know where the best treatment is? I have escorted many a VIP and its always Mayo clinic or Cromwell Hospital
Knowing this I don’t understand why they don’t replace this retard with a US/UK/Canadian nurse.
The Nursing department is not interested in providing care. They are only interested in making sure the furniture is good quality, and the room is clean to impress SEHA authorities. Not one single improvement has been made in Nursing care per se. Education for nurses is non existent. No in house programs for ACLS/BCLS training.
Another pet project is to fire nurses and go on recruitment trips (Sex trips). Usually 5-6 hardcore lesbians make a trip. The last one was to South Korea to pick up 12 -20 Korean nurses, who don’t speak Arabic or English. But not to worry because nurses aren’t supposed to communicate with patients anyway. The latest is to UK, where 6 nurses went (no idea who’s paying these trips) and hired 3 nurses. That’s one recruit for every 2 recruiters. Really great performance. The hospital always cries for money, but there always seems enough for these so called recruitment trips. How about just paying a qualified recruiter to hire nurses and how about focusing on your job, Miss CNO.

Meanwhile patient care is suffering. Patient numbers are down in clinics and poor Indian nurses being blamed again. But how about blaming the administration for being unable to attract patients. Baniyas clinic was a mess and was done up to impress the visiting VIP’s, and once they left its back to usual junk clinic.

The COO is plain retarded, no clue what she is talking about. Appears old, bitter and mean probably because her husband left her for a 20 year old chain smoking, dirty blonde beach bum in Australia. Rumour has it once in a doctors meeting she stated that if a patient is dying and has no insurance to let the patient die. Her focus on money her clouded her senses.

The CQIO is a moron. He visits the cafeteria daily, dresses and walks like a Pimp in the company of 2 Thai transvestites (who allegedly are working in finance, more like working on finance guy).
They also have put the doctors in some low quality housing and pocketed 5% commission for renting these villas which no one in Abudhabi was taking. The nurses are told to live in Mussafah area , and told not to leave the apartment after 7 pm or will be raped by Pakistani men.
Overall the hospital is a mess. But it’s great to see how on a daily basis the hospital is going to the dumps. Every day we can see the hospital deteriorating before our eyes.
So, why does SEHA tolerate it, if they are interested in improving Healthcare of Abudhabi citizens? Probably because they don’t care since most patients are poor expats from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Probably because SEHA are too proud to admit that they made a mistake in hiring these morons, that they let these clowns do their misguided job, collect information on all their misadventures and then with enough evidence finally fire them.

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